Legally Yours Nurse Consulting, LLC
Every Attorney Needs a SECRET WEAPON!!

Legally Yours is qualified to provide support and services for 7 types of medical related cases:

General Personal Injury Cases

  • Auto accidents; Premises liability; Sports injury; Toxic mold; Dog bites; Theme park; Aviation; Liquor liability; Railroad; Water accidents; etc.
Medical and Nursing Malpractice Cases
  • Professional negligence of a healthcare provider or negligence of a healthcare facility
  • COVID-19: failure to timely diagnose, treat and institute appropriate interventions specific to COVID-19 and adverse effects of medications given after FDA revoked their emergent use.
Products Liability Cases
  • All claims brought for personal injury, death or property damage caused by the manufacture, construction, design, formulation, preparation, assembly, installation, testing, warnings, instructions, marketing, packing or labeling of any product
Toxic Tort and Environmental Cases
  • Alleged damages or injuries caused by the release of toxins into the environment: oil spills; waste products from manufacturing processes; radiation contamination; hazardous chemicals in the workplace; etc.
Workers Compensation Injury Cases
  • Injuries that arise out of and in the course of employment
Criminal Cases
  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI) or under the influence (DUI); Sexual and physical assault; Child, spouse or elderly abuse; Victim of a violent crime; and Psychiatric defenses/issues
Any Case Where Health, Illness or Injury Is an Issue
  • Sexual harassment; Right to die; Family Law (custody); Probate (competency issue); School health (injury, sexual assault by a teacher); Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); Employee wrongful dismissal; and Social Security and Medicare benefit issues